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Become a Volunteer!

"It is in your hands to make our world a better one for all."

   - Nelson Mandela


We welcome your time, commitment, and energy! Below are volunteer possibilities and our email address - - to indicate the type of activity you would enjoy. 


Help with Fundraising Events

Help with fundraising events. We generally host two benefits a year and the success of those events is largely dependent on the number of volunteers who graciously help with these events.


Although the Gardens are under the umbrella and staff of the City of Spokane parks & Recreation Department, we have volunteer opportunities that allow you to spend time in the Gardens.

Become a docent. Docents are the indispensable folks who lead the tours through the Garden's season (late spring to early autumn). They share information about the heritage plantings as well as the compelling history of how the gardens came to be, their rediscovery, and the early families who lived in these historic properties.​

Work Parties .... BYOT, bring your own tools! Get your hands dirty. Work parties are organized to assist the Head Gardener in maintaining the Gardens. Typical tasks include clearing trails, thinning the lilac grove, weeding and pruning. The "parties" do not occur on a particular schedule but are dictated by the need for extra help in the Gardens.


Volunteer in the Gardens

Committee Member, Board Member or Officer

If you enjoy working with a small group on a specific goal or topic, please consider indicating your interest in becoming a committee member. You might prefer a leadership role and volunteer to be a board member or officer.

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